SCARburator Gen4

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SCARburator goes Gen4 HYPERDRIVE !!


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SCARburator is now in Gen4 form… HYPERDRIVE !  Because now you don’t even need a tool to lock in your custom tune setting!!  We added mechanical detents and spring plunger inside the larger knob to give you 16 places to set it and enjoy your SCAR purring like a kitten while sending fury down range.  This Gen4 version has 290 degrees range of rotation from fully open (OEM orifice size) to fully closed (nearly zero gas).  This gives the SCAR platform  ABSOLUTE external control over the gas that hits your piston in ANY configuration, in any SCAR flavor, any barrel length, any ammunition, any suppressor, etc.  It doesn’t matter as long as your SCAR has OEM size jet for your variant and barrel length spec (Start with an over-gassed gun).  Drop this in and you are good to tune back and forth for any configuration or occasion, without tools. <<<Demonstration/Function Video SCAR17 >>

  • Drops right into your factory SCAR gas-block
  • Install SCARburator  just like you would your OEM plug.  It keys in and rotates into its detent slot position.
  • Gen4 no longer has any set-screws to lose, it is completely tool-less
  • Decide to screw on a different can? Shorter barrel? No problem! SCARburator allows you to tune for it!

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Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 in

13 reviews for SCARburator Gen4

  1. D (verified owner)

    Works great, plan to get another when I can snag a SCAR L.

  2. Adam (verified owner)

    This product is awesome. I was waiting until they came out with a model with detents until I purchased it. The detents are easily adjusted on the fly and seem to hold their position.

    I am running one on a Scar 17 with a 13.7” barrel pin and weld with a Surefire SOCOM 7.62 suppressor. I opted to also change out gas jets and fine tune the gun on a wide variety of ammo. I can now run Wolf Steel on setting 9 unsuppressed, setting 4 suppressed. I also run other various M80 loads on setting 6 unsuppressed or setting 2 suppressed. 100% reliable.

    I also set up my SCAR 16 with a 13.7” pin and weld with the Surefire RC2 and the Surefire mini to run similarly on a wide variety of ammo by swapping gas jets as well. I can run steel cased, m193, m885, Wolf Gold and everything in between.

    I feel like I’m in total control of my SCARs now. Complete change in recoil, and I know the Scarborator will help extend the service life on wear parts. I’ve been writing down the different ammo with the gas settings and storing it in the pistol grip for future reference depending on ammo availability.

  3. spider.0352 (verified owner)

    This is a review of Mototech and Eddie. I ordered a Scarbutator Gen 3 a few eels ago. The web site clearly stated that they were selling like hotcakes and there would be a 30 lead before mine would ship. As the window narrowed, I sent a quick note to the contact page to see how we were looking on the dates. Eddie responded himself SAME DAY to let me know it might be a couple days over on the window, but that he had added additional shifts to keep up with demand. Sure enough, I got the tracking number as promised. I’ll review the Scarborator shortly, but felt compelled to comment on the first class service. Cheers MotoTech!

  4. @HeilMachineOrdnance

    The Gen3 Scarburetor has completely transformed my shooting experience.
    My Scar16 SBR now feels like a toy. I’ve been able to keep the factory 10″ barrel’s jetting and simply turn down to accommodate all of my suppressors, whether it be the Q Trash Panda, Surefire Socom556, or Sig, along with a wide variety of ammo.
    My Scar 20s is used for distance and 1 Mile challenges. The gen3 Scarburetor allowed me to run the weapon on the ragged edge of functioning, reducing recoil drastically. I am able to stay in the optic and squeeze off follow up shots much quicker now. The Gen3 Scarburetor has been 100% reliable, tool-less, and has clearly marked positions. Thank you for your innovation Eddie!

  5. Tom Burns (verified owner)

    If you plan on running your FN SCAR with a suppressor, this is a must have.
    Installs in less than 30 seconds and easily adjusts your rifle to the perfect amount of gas needed to run. Eddie provides the BEST customer service to answer any questions.
    Very rare to find a great product backed by such great customer care.

    Fast/easy gas adjustment, and reduced recoil for the SCAR is made possible with the SCARburator!

  6. Lawrence Wilson (verified owner)

    This is a game changer on the function of my Scar 17S NRCH. I absolutely love it, especially when running suppressed.

  7. Brian Gregory (verified owner)

    When everyone keeps commenting that SCARburator is a game changer, they are absolutely correct! My 10″ Scar16 shoot like a .22lr. It has tamed the recoil on my Scar17 with a suppressor as well. The SCARburator is a 10/10!

  8. Fernan (verified owner)

    This is one of those products that I had to buy due to exclusively running a suppressor on my 16.

    It was fairly obvious that my SBR was highly over gassed with my mini surefire can.

    Under quick fire, the recoil was more than it should have been for a 5.56 and it was obvious under a red dot.

    Once I installed the SCARburator and placed it on the appropriate setting, the difference in recoil impulse was amazing. The rifle was no longer overly snappy and my initial reaction after the first shot was, “whoa, that worked.”

    However, just beware that if you have a surefire suppressor and a factory 10” barrel, you will have fitting issues.

    I had to mill down the SCARburator a little bit in order to make it fit. If you don’t have access to that type of equipment, you can use sandpaper and that will work as well.

    Overall, it is a great product and I will be using it on my 17 as well until the backorders are fulfilled and ready to ship.

    • Eddie Moniet

      As of the latest batch, we have been able to shave off a good .020″ off the length of that knob based on checking our CAD and customer input dealing with this exact SCAR 10in barrel and SureFire combination. Reach out to us is you would like to send in yours for a new Knob that is already the shorter length. All SCARburators from December 2022 on have been shipping with the already shorter front knob revision. Thank you very much for the input and the review..

  9. James Ingram (verified owner)

    After purchasing my SCAR17 NRCH I found out about Mototech through YouTube. After watching their videos I was determined to check out their products. Low and behold they drop this gem and I just had to have it. As all SCAR owners know whether it’s the SCAR16 or SCAR17 they are terribly overgassed from the factory. Then the SCARburator Gen3 jumps into the ring like Tommy Fury and handles the SCARs over gassed action like a spoled YouTube star. Last but not least the Gen3 variant makes a SCAR17 recoil impulse feel like 5.56. So if you’re doubting buying one don’t. Just like a little blue pill this will increase your pleasure when shooting 7.62 or 5.56 out of your SCAR. It also reduces wear and tear on components as well.

  10. Nate O’Brien (verified owner)

    After putting a few hundred rounds downrange with my SCAR20S, I can say I love the SCARBURATOR. I got it to prepare my SCAR for a suppressor, which was then rejected by the ATF due to a screw up by a popular silencer company who shall remain anonymous. HOWEVER, my SCARBURATOR? I love it. It should just be adopted by FN and made standard on SCARs… Or, maybe it shouldn’t? –Motech’s machining quality is top notch. The SCARBURATOR has allowed me to tune not just the amount of gas going to my piston, but my *recoil*… and it is absolutely noticable. In all, totally worth the wait. It’s a solid product in a land of questionable aftermarket accessories.

  11. Garrett (verified owner)

    Solid product. Works incredibly. Great customer service answered all my annoying questions.

  12. Joshua (verified owner)

    Got this scarburator for my 20S with a chopped down barrel and a can. Had quite a bit of overgassing issues and this thing has helped reduce this issue drastically! The owner was very informative and took a lot of time to help me make an informed decision. End product quality is great. The clicks are very tactile and can be adjusted on the fly on the scar 20s. Thanks again!

  13. James

    Hello, Will this work on the SCAR 17 S DMR Chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor?

    • Eddie Moniet

      Yes. We have customers running the SCARburator on their SCAR20 rifles in both calibers with no problems.

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