3-Select Regulator

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3-Select allows you to turn the available gas in your SCAR gun from 100% OEM setting to almost 50% reduction at the simple turn of a lever.  Without the need for tools, on ANY SCAR!  Revolutionary!

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Three gas settings that are actually different from each other at the flip of a switch!

  • Fully Compatible with ALL the SCARs ( 16, 17 and 20)

  • Position 1 = OEM regulator full gas condition and 20% reduction in gas for each CCW click over.

  • Advanced detent slot profiles that support the “lockout” feature. Added resistance to remove the device and may require a tool.

  • Now you can simply: Add suppressor, Click the gas DOWN… Remove suppressor, Click the gas UP.

Featured on RECOIL Magazine (October 2020 Issue)

With some SBR Configurations of the SCAR platform, achieving that perfect suppressed/un-suppressed happy gas tune by use of gas-jets or SCAR-burator may be difficult or impossible to achieve. The firearm is simply too far apart in performance envelope when switching between the two. Your tune might work well with the suppressor on, but might have trouble even cycling the weapon with it removed.  With 3-Select you will have an OEM full-gas setting on your selector knob for no-suppressor use, then two other settings that let you turn the gas down (roughly 20% each click) by simply turning the device over to another detent slot?

Watch the demo education video [link below] on the function of the prototype part during R&D Phase.

>>>Demo Video Link<<<

With this device, we always recommend that you have a “factory-size” gas jet installed in your gun to start, because that is what the design and function of our regulators use as a baseline. You are perfectly allowed to change your jet to another size (up or down) once you determine where your SCAR is with respect to your goals. It is all up to you if you want to make all 3 available positions gas attenuated by downsizing your jet on top of having the device installed. It won’t hurt a thing.

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  1. Logan

    Fit and finish is perfect. Easy installation.

    My stock Scar 17s with 16.25 inch barrel and OEM gas jet with results below.

    First setting full cycle and 3-4 ejection.

    Second setting with %20 gas bleed off full cycle with ejection at 5 o’clock.

    3rd setting with 40% gas bleed off rifle extracts and ejects but not enough to feed a round.

    Haven’t used my Recce 7 suppressor yet. Will update review after that shooting session.

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