Buffer Pad Nylon Rubberized 60Duro

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Rubberized bufferpads for your SCAR help save your backplate/upper from damage and separation.  Confirmed to work and change the shooting characteristic of your SCAR to a more enjoyable experience for over FOUR YEARS now and counting.  Many many SCARs run these and people swear by them every time they go shoot.  Regarded as the quintessential “first mod” out of the cardboard box..


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Rubberized Recoil Buffer Pads have been the “sauce” for about 4 years now all across the SCAR world. It is by and large considered to be the quintessential first mod one makes to their SCAR for the sake of longevity.  It helps spread out and cushion the direct impact load to the tiny M4 screws that clamp down your rear bracket to your upper reciever.   We start with a CNC machined nylon plastic base for these and fuse a thin layer of 60-durometer rubber to them. With this 60-duro variant of this product we have had customers report back with cheering comments such as, “Makes a SCAR 17 feel like a 5.56, whilst the SCAR 16 feels like a 22lr.”

Enjoy the Benefits over OEM:

  • 60 Durometer Rubber
  • Residual recoil energy from BCG is better mitigated
  • Less felt recoil to your shoulder
  • Quicker recovery to back on target for follow-up shots

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Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

3 reviews for Buffer Pad Nylon Rubberized 60Duro

  1. @HeilMachineOrdnance

    The Mototech rubberized buffer pad is the most underrated, yet perfect, addition that someone can make to the Scar. The difference is absolutely noticeable. Not only does it reduce the felt recoil, but the peace of mind knowing it is aiding in reducing wear on the system is worth it many times over. It was an immediate improvement on my 16 sbr, 17, and 20s. When every last detail counts, I can count on Mototech to deliver.

  2. David Flaspohler (verified owner)

    Fantastic product and it definitely reduces recoil between this and the gas regulator my recoil is legitimately as pleasant to shoot a radian model 1 chambered in 556

  3. David Flaspohler (verified owner)

    And that’s with a scar 17

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