3Select-P Regulator


The same game-changing invention we brought you for

tuning your rifle caliber SCARs 5 years ago

Now available for your 15P !!

3-Select allows you to turn the available gas in your SCAR gun from 100% OEM setting to almost 50% reduction at the simple turn of a lever.  COMPLETELY TOOL-LESS, ONLY FITS AND TUNES THE 15P VARIANTS.  If you want to tune a SCAR 16,17,20 with 3Select, You need the regular 3Select (Not “P”)

60 parts are in pre-sale for the 1st run of production starting live today June/4/2024.  Once these pre-sale parts are out of stock, this product will remain that way until we make more.  There will be NO BACKORDER list for this product for now.  We project delivery of these first 60 parts by the 4th of July (1st week of next month).  Thank you so much for all the cheers, and support!

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Three gas settings at your command

NO extra moving parts

Tool-less adjustable       Win..Win..Win..!!

  • Compatible ONLY with the 15P SCAR variant.

  • Position 1 = OEM regulator full gas condition and 20% reduction in gas for each CCW click over.

  • Advanced detent slot profiles that support the “lockout” feature. Tool needed to un-install device.

  • Now you can simply: Add suppressor, Click the gas DOWN… Remove suppressor, Click the gas UP.

Check out the Demo video on how easy it is to adjust your gas settting with 3Select-P

<<<YouTube Link to 3Select-P Demo Video >>>

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Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 3 × 2 × 1 in


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