UBER Charging Handle (Reciprocating)


The No-Nonsense, bulletproof, utilitarian, and beautiful because it’s simple charging handle.  Now in TITANIUM

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For a while, us here at Mototech Engineering have been trying to pick what was the best charging handle out there for the SCAR.  We didn’t come up empty, there are some very good ones out there.  Some, we wished had not gone extinct, then we decided….

“Well.. Why don’t we just draw up our OWN!”

Now Upgraded handle to TITANIUM Gr5..

The strongest, lightest, beautiful, never corrodes form of this super-metal

It’s NOT easy to machine and knurl this stuff but our upgrades are nothing but the best..


  • No-nonsense..  Doesn’t need to have bells and whistles, hinges, complex shapes, overly styled.

  • Utility and Ultimate Strength..  No castings, no aluminum, this handle is machined, forged, cold worked.

  • Titanium Grade 5 Knurled handle.  The toughest, corrosion resistant, lightest super-alloy available.

  • Form follows function.. This handle looks at home on the SCAR because it matches it’s elegant simplicity.

  • 15 Degree cant angle to save knuckles from your vicious optic mounts and turrets and fits ALL reciprocating SCARs

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Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 2 in


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