about us

About Us

Who are we?
Eduardo “Eddie” Moniet – Owner / Operator / Engineer / SCAR enthusiast
Danny Mata --    Webmaster / Media editor
Rupert Kade – Video & web media specialist

MOTOTECH ENGINEERING is a small startup dedicated to filling the need for maintenance parts and innovation products pertaining to the SCAR platform.  For now, we are chipping away at the SCAR17 but will expand into the SCAR16 as we achieve popularity and demand for the variant.  Some of the manufacturing we do in-house and some we send out to machine shops and manufacturing facilities locally here in sunny south Texas.

The number of people officially listed on-board is short but really there has been a lot of help from collaborating engineers, machinists, and material suppliers to bring you what we have out to market.

Message from Eddie

I take great pride in the quality of the products I sell to my fellow gun enthusiasts.  Every product listed on my website is researched, engineered, and tested rigorously (a lot of fun at the range!) in my own rifle before I decide to post it up for sale to you.
I have noticed over time that some SCAR owners don’t like to take their gun out to the range and really put rounds through them regularly because they are afraid they may wear or break something.  There is a great scarcity of parts for this rifle system because well, they are still rather rare in the hands of civilians.  I want to change that; I want you to take your rifle out every time you go to the range or hunting trip and put 100s and 100s of rounds through it without worry that it will be disabled until you can get a replacement part.

323 Owassa Rd. Unit 24
Edinburg, TX 78542