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SCAR 17 Recoil Assembly

SCAR 17 Recoil Assembly

By-far our best seller!  The SCAR Community is taking very well to these and relying on them to..

$84.99 Ex Tax: $84.99

Gas Piston (Fits SCAR 16 & 17)

Gas Piston (Fits SCAR 16 & 17)

Worn rings giving you lots of blow-by through the gas block? Our piston assembly with precision ring..

$59.99 Ex Tax: $59.99

Locking Plate (SCAR 16 & 17)

Locking Plate (SCAR 16 & 17)

You might have bought an aftermarket lower and now you have your factory lower empty stashed away in..

$8.99 Ex Tax: $8.99

Hammer Spring Pin (Fits SCAR 16 & 17)

Hammer Spring Pin (Fits SCAR 16 & 17)

Have an extra factory or aftermarket lower laying around?Like all other Mototech products, our hamme..

$19.99 Ex Tax: $19.99

Coming Soon

SCAR17 25rd magazine prototype is tested and 100% working!

Crowd-Funding is now active to bring the first 100 units to life.

Every $200.00 donated gets you a free example shipped to your

door in the color of your choice!

<<<< Link to IndieGoGo Campaign >>>>

  • Check your local/state regulations for magazine capacity restrictions
  • Steel sheet-metal construction is durable like factory magazines
  • Compatible with factory lowers (no adapters necessary)
  • You can keep all your factory 20rounders and be able to use them.
  • Will be shipped in black and FDE colors

Scar 17 Bolt Replacement (COMING SOON)

On the drawing boardWe are working on bringing you a quality replacement bolt at a decent price.